Impact Incentives allow brands to reward farms that follow best practices.

Brands often don’t know where material such as leather comes from. Because of this, they can’t have an impact on the farmers, and the farmers can’t know what the brands’ expectations are. Impact Incentives close this gap. They’re certificates traded in support of a sustainability claim, issued when a set of criteria—relating to animal welfare or zero-, for instance— have been met. The physical goods and Impact Incentives are traded separately from each other; the incentives represent a quantity of verified material that has been produced.


Farms must meet our requirements to start selling Impact Incentives.


Be third-party verified to the Deforestation Conversion Free Protocol and/or certified to a LIA-Approved Animal Welfare Standard.


Implement a traceability system to see where their animals come from and go to afterwards.


Have provided verified farm data that allows for high-level impact measurement.


We’re moving forward from pilot phase to public.

Our first Impact Incentives were verified in March 2022 as part of the Leather Impact Accelerator pilot. If you are interested to learn more about Impact Incentives, you can get in touch with us directly.


Investing in moving the industry forward.

Impact Partnership is an additional program that sits alongside Impact Incentives. It can be used by brands to support the producers that need help to move towards best practices through training, infrastructure, equipment investments, and more.

Financial partnership
Impact Partnerships are a way for brands and retailers at one end of the supply chain to help address the cost of climate-friendly practices at the other end.

Developing supply
By creating a tool for brands to support farmers investing in best practices, we accelerate the production of more responsible materials, letting companies meet their own targets and contribute to meaningful change at a global level.

Strong relationships
Working together through an Impact Partnership builds and strengthens relationships. Beyond the exchange of financial support and information, having more engagement between brands and program partners enriches understanding on both sides.


The Impact Alliance provides governance and policy framework for Impact Incentives and Impact Partnership.

The Impact Alliance is a voluntary collaboration between sustainability standards owners across cotton, leather, beef and soy to support the development of an Impact Incentives trading platform. Its members work together to define, promote, and oversee the trading of Impact Incentives and Impact Partnership Incentives.