Virgin polyester staple fiber

Virgin polyester staple fiber

Quality: Virgin grade

material: 100% polyester

Size and color: 1.2d&1.4d*32mm/38mm Raw white, bright white,optical white

Application: Yarn spinning& non-woven spun lace sewing thread


Top Quality Material Of Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber

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What Is Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber?

Virgin polyester staple fiber is a synthetic man-made fiber created from PTA and MEG using a high-temperature and high-pressure polymerization process. The polymer becomes staple fibers when cut short as cotton or filament yarns when formed into yarn after the spinning and drawing process.

How You Can Use Our Staple Fibers Industrial And Textile Applications?

They are not only used for filling clothing, bedding, and furniture as cotton or spinning after twisting cotton into yarn, but they are also fabricated into non-woven fabrics and used for a variety of applications, such as automobiles, construction, furniture, sanitary materials, and agriculture, gradually expanding their scope of application.

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