Recycled Hollow conjugated silicon polyester fiber

Recycled Hollow conjugated silicon polyester fiber

Quality: Recycled

Material: 100% polyester

Size and color: Cut length 32mm,51mm,64mm

Application: Pillow /toy/quilt/bedding and mattress and so on filling


Top Quality Recycled Polyester Stable Fiber Manufacturer

High-quality recycled polyester stable fiber and Jiangnan Textiles go hand in hand. We offer it to the industry’s high-end manufacturers and the general public as one of the leading suppliers in China.

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An Experienced Vendor:

Jiangnan Textiles has a decade of experience in upholstery. We understand the market and develop recycled polyester stable fiber in response to customer needs.

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We supply recycled polyester stable fiber, which is enriched with quality, as one of the most dependable suppliers in China. We never compromise on quality for any reason.


The raw materials we use for our products are both resilient and thin. It is also simple to use. The fabric is created in a valiant plant with environmentally safe materials of the latest generation.

The Workplace Culture:

Our processing and packaging department maintains a professional attitude at all times. As a result of our professionalism, a first-time client becomes a regular purchase. We merely provide the needed response to complete the contract at the inquiry stage.

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We Follow Through on Our Promises:

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Working Relationships That Last:

We have a great working connection with our raw supplies. They are the fuel that keeps Jiangnan Textiles’ engine running smoothly. We can constantly deliver the best quality nonwoven fabric thanks to our relationship.