was founded in 2014, is a professional enterprises which manufacturing producing textile material products, including polyester staple fiber, polyester tow fiber, polyester tops and ring polyester spun yarns, viscose fiber, acrylic tops and wood drying wood.

After 15 years hard working, we have developed into the existing staff more than 500 people, covers an area of 60000 square meters, 8 advanced automated.

Do you require high-quality textile material products? If that’s the case, your hunt is now over. Jiangnan Textiles is a well-known textile material products manufacturing company in China.

Jiangnan Textiles Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and specializes in the production of textile material products. We are quite familiar with the colors and shapes that our customers want. We understand the price, what they can sell faster, and what they need to capture people’s attention.

Our Offerings:

If you are interested in textile material products, we have a range of products we offer to our clients. Our products include:

What Sets Us Apart?

Quality Of Our Products:

Ensure high-quality products, innovative technology, a fair price, and prompt delivery of goods and services, as well as a lifelong tracing service.

Customer Service:

According to the requirements of the user, our company can design and manufacture brickwork-type, colorful steel plate-type, metallic shell type, and full A-alloy assembling type timber drying equipment with timber loading quantities.

Our Motto:

As a global textile material products manufacturer, we will preserve our practicality, integrity, and efficiency. We value quality beyond all else. “Truth and perfect management for worldwide requirements to produce trustworthy and safe products” is our motto.

Our Focus:

We are laser-focused on textile material products at all times. We distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers in the marketplace by our commitment to supplying a diverse choice of high-quality nonwoven materials. It is because of this excellence that our consumers keep coming back to us.


Jiangnan Textiles has created a name for itself by offering market-competitive prices. We understand that clients have a budget, especially when they are running a business. As a result, we keep our prices low so that customers will continue to come to us and feel confident about their finances.


Where are you located?

We are located in Shanghai, China.

Do you accept orders in a bulk quantity?

Yes! We do accept in a bulk quantity.

Hot Products

60000 m2

Area Cover



300 tons

Daily Production

Why Choose Us

Best quality, Competitive Price, Modern Style, On-time Delivery, Professional Customers Service

After 15 years hard working, we have developed into the existing staff more than 500 people, covers an area of 60000 square meters, 8 advanced automated production ,professional engaged in regenerated polyester staple fiber manufacturing, ranging 1.2D–20D with daily production capacity 300 tons ,our company product can be used in Spinning,filling ,Geo textiles,Automobile interior,non-Woven and so on.

viscose staple fiber

15 years hard working.

virgin polyester staple fiber

PP resin

S2040 T8003 T03

virgin polyester staple fiber

Color viscose staple fiber

1.5D 1.2d

recycled polyester stable fiber

Flame retardant viscose fiber

3D 5D

recycled polyester stable fiber

Viscose fiber


recycled polyester stable fiber

Solid color polyester fiber

Size and color

recycled polyester stable fiber

Hollow silicon

Size and color
15D*51mm green color

recycled polyester stable fiber

Hollow silicon and Nonsilicon

Size and color
15D*51mm brown color

low melt polyester staple fiber

Hollow conjugated silicon polyester fiber

Size and color
Cut length 32mm,51mm,64mm

low melt polyester staple fiber

Recycled hollow conjugated silicon polyester fiber

Size and color

low melt polyester staple fiber

Virgin polyester staple fiber

Size and color
1.2d&1.4d*32mm/38mm Raw white, bright white,optical white